Saint James Lake Delaware

All Creation Worships You, O God!

Welcome to Saint James Church Lake Delaware. We are an intimate community of faithful Christians who come from all walks and stations of life. Some of us have lived in Delaware County our whole lives, while others have moved here from elsewhere, while still others visit as time allows. We serve as a connection between part-time and full time residents, and are committed to living and working together in Christian love despite the natural differences we might have. We are committed to reaching out into our community to share the burdens that beset us, to help find common solutions to the challenges of our place and time, and in general to bear witness to the astounding gift of God’s love in Jesus Christ, a love that has touched, and continues to touch, our hearts and transform our lives. Read more about us here.

Saint James Church is associated with the Episcopal Diocese of Albany and is a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Though the Archbishop of Canterbury is looked to as a guiding figure and holds a place of honor among Anglican bishops, Anglicanism rejects the supremacy of one bishop (i.e. the Bishop of Rome, the Pope) over the worldwide church, understanding that the historical church always governed itself through synods and councils. It has managed, though not without controversy, to steer clear of the more radical tenets of the wider Protestant Reformation, seeking rather to remain true to the fullness of the historic catholic faith but without the abuses of the Medieval Roman church. As such it pursues a via media, or middle way, between Roman Catholicism and other Protestant bodies. Saint James Church is heir to the Oxford Movement of the nineteenth century, an effort within Anglicanism which aimed to further restore a fully catholic (meaning “complete” or “full”) understanding of the church according to its ancient principles. We are also the site of Mons Nubifer Sanctus, a center for formation in the contemplative Christian disciplines running day-long, weekend, and longer-term retreat programs.

Our grand, historic buildings, nestled in the western Catskill Mountains on the hemlock-forested banks of the Little Delaware River, are on the south-bound side of State Route 28 halfway between Andes and Delhi. If beautiful liturgy, strong preaching, the completeness of the catholic faith and evangelical witness to the world are what move you to glorify God we invite you to come worship with us in one of the most architecturally and liturgically significant churches in the area.

SUNG EUCHARIST, SUNDAYS at 10 AM. Holy Days as Announced.

See our Events and Programs page for information regarding our liturgical, fellowship, outreach, educational & formational programs. See also Mons Nubifer Sanctus‘s web-page for further programming at Saint James Lake Delaware.

Whether the Anglican tradition is familiar to you or new, you are always welcome to make Saint James Church your home for a Sunday, for a Holy Day, or for your life. If you are curious but not ready to come on a Sunday please contact Fr. James and he will be happy to meet with you and address even your most demanding questions.