Fr. James Giving a BlessingThe Reverend Father James G. Krueger serves as our Priest in Charge. Before coming to Saint James, Fr. Krueger was a resident of Pine Hill in Ulster County, where he served for over nine years as the first Executive Director of the well-respected Pine Hill Community Center. He holds a Bachelor’s Degere in the Humanities with a minor in Writing and Literature, a Master’s Degree in Gerontology and Long-Term Care Management, and another Master’s in Theology from Nashotah House Theological Seminary. James has a strong interest in community-building and grassroots organizing, in songwriting and the arts, as well as in spiritual direction, which grows out of his two-decades long devotion to the practice and theology of contemplative prayer. He is founder of Mons Nubifer Sanctus (Holy Cloud-Bearing Mountain), whose activities, which include residential programs focused on intensive contemplative formation, are based at Saint James. Fr. James lives with his beloved wife Maureen.

Our Warden is Lori Koronowski.

Our Clerk is Judy Morse.