Upcoming Sundays:

Sunday July 23: Sunday in Ordinary Time (Pentecost 8). 10 am Sung Mass & Sermon (Green); 11:00 am Coffee Hour Fellowship in the Parish Hall.

Sunday July 30: Saint James the Great/Sunday in Ordinary Time (Pentecost 7), commemorated. 10 am Sung Mass & Sermon (Red); 11:15 am community meal in parish hall and courtyard. Marks our 103rd year as a parish.

Sunday August 6: Feast of the Transfiguration. 10 am Sung Mass & Sermon (White); 11:00 am Coffee Hour Fellowship in the Parish Hall.

Up-coming Events and Special Liturgies:

Sunday July 30 – Saint James Day Celebration. Community picnic on the grounds after Holy Eucharist. Please sign-up to provide a dish or two! Celebrating our 103rd year as a parish.

Wednesdays, 6:00 pm, evening prayer, dinner and discussion in the Rectory. All are welcome.

All Saturdays, Alcoholics Anonymous, Little Delaware Chapter, meets in the Parish Hall or, if the Hall is occupied, in the choir room. Meetings begin at 6 pm; all are welcome.

Our Place Adult Enrichment Center meets 12 pm on Wednesdays. Activities, exercise, food, good company and good fun await. Interested persons contact us at saintjames@delhitel.net  or at 607-832-4401. All are welcome to attend.

+ Friday August 4 – Sunday August 6: Transfiguration Prayer Vigil

The Prayer Vigil is at the heart of the contemplative training on offer at Mons Nubifer Sanctus. Participants enter into a deep and regenerative silence, spending many hours together each day engaging the practice of still prayer (Christian meditation). This is punctuated by the chanting of the psalms at morning, noon, and evening prayer services, and a daily period of silent work helps us to carry our prayerfulness into everyday activities. All participants have an opportunity to take advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) and/or to receive individual spiritual direction during the program. The prayer vigil ends with a celebration of the feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord on August 6.

+ Friday August 18 – Sunday August 20: Introduction to the Theology and Practice of Contemplative Prayer

Through an engagement of scripture and patristic and liturgical texts participants gain a solid theological and historical foundation in Christian spirituality, put to work through a guided immersion in contemplative prayer. Learn how contemplative practice touches, deepens and unites all aspects of the Christian life: serving the Liturgy, study, serving others in our livelihoods, and in the Christian moral and ethical life. Learn the essentials of Christian prayer and how prayer can be deepened; how to chant the daily prayer offices in morning, noon and evening prayer services; how the Christian sacramental and communal life supports and deepens contemplative practice, and how to maintain prayer in activity and to make activity prayer. Participants have the opportunity to avail themselves of individual spiritual direction and/or the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) during this retreat.

+ Thursday October 5 – Sunday October 8: Creation and the Christian Life: Walking the Wilderness in Prayer

This retreat commingles contemplative prayer, day hikes in the Catskill Mountains, and reflections on Genesis 1-11 as it relates to the Christian spiritual life and our relationship with the earth and its Creator. Creation and salvation are unequivocally linked in the biblical narrative. The Bible begins and ends with creation stories and is punctuated throughout with allusions to the narratives of the first few chapters of Genesis, constantly bringing our attention back to God as the font, and so the finale, of all creation. What do the creation stories of Genesis have to tell us about the human’s place in the created order, and so about the nature of salvation itself? What is sin and how does it affect creation and our relationship to it? Participants must be able to hike at an intermediate level (elevation gains and rocky trails) for up to 6 miles.

+ Friday October 20 – Sunday October 22: Contemplative Prayer for Caregivers and Helping Professionals

This program introduces the theology and practice of contemplative prayer while focusing our reflections specifically on how contemplative practice prepares and strengthens us for service to others. In the midst of contemplation one encounters the deep suffering inherent in this life, a life marked by sin and existential separation from God. Through the courageous, honest and simple engagement of this suffering we are opened to greater love and patience for others. At the same time, contemplative practice helps us to establish discernment and clear boundaries, and so to free our service from manipulation and coercion. You need not be an active caregiver or in a helping profession to attend. This retreat is offered in honor of Saint Luke the Evangelist and Physician whose feast day is October 18.

+ Tuesday October 31 – Thursday November 2: All Saints Prayer Vigil

brief prayer vigil will culminate with an evening mass in celebration of All Saints Day on Wednesday the 1st. The program ends mid-morning on Thursday the 2nd.

+ Friday November 11 – Sunday November 12: The Passions & Suffering in the Christian Spiritual Tradition

“. . . do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct …’” 1 Peter 1:14

In this program we will explore the nuanced ways in which emotion, desire and suffering are understood and dealt with in the Christian spiritual tradition. We will look at how the terms “passion” and “suffering” are used in scripture, how they were understood in the Hellenic philosophical traditions in which Christianity took root, and how they were adopted and adapted by the early Christian writers. We will then explore a central and shocking claim of Christianity, that of a God who suffers. How is a Christian to understand and work with strong emotion, desire and suffering? How do we understand their place in human life, and their role in the Christian spiritual life?

See www.monsnubifer.org for a full listing of programs and retreats this winter and spring, or contact info@monsnubifer.org. Fr James can be reached at saintjames@delhitel.net or by phoning 607-832-4401.